Official Distributor of
Funktion-One, NST Audio & Full Fat Audio in Switzerland



As part of the official Funktion-One rental network we can provide you with sound systems of any size from small mobile systems to large PAs for electronic and live events. Through our network we have access to the revolutionary VERO large scale system for large festival of 10’000 people and more.

Our technicians are all music people, experienced working in demanding projects ensuring a perfect & crisp sonic experience.

Sale & Distribution

We are the official sales partner for Funktion-One in Switzerland since 2008 and represent Full Fat Audio amplifiers since 2012. With the recent addition of NST Audio our portfolio has been completed with a superb matrix processor. Our brands follow our passion is for music and its most natural reproduction and we love to get you onboard as well.


No matter wether you plan the next underground club or an upscale restaurant – our engineers are experienced finding the perfect solution for your space and can support you with their technical and acoustical know-how.

Latest News

RDM20 by Varia Instruments

The fantastic new RDM20 rotary mixer by Varia Instruments is now available for rental and purchase. Smooth sound, fantastic isolators and tremendous fun. Contact us

Rane MP2015 Rotary Available

The Rane MP2016 Rotary is now available for rent. Exceptional clarity due to high-quality DAC circuitry blows its A&H and Pioneer competitors away.


Six brand new Funktion-One EVO6 are now available for rental.