RDM20 by Varia Instruments

The fantastic new RDM20 rotary mixer by Varia Instruments is now available for rental and purchase. Smooth sound, fantastic isolators and tremendous fun.

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The RDM20 is a fully analog two channel rotary DJ mixer, with one phono and two line inputs on each channel. For your mixing pleasure we’ve developed two different three band isolator-banks and built them into the RDM20. One is set on the master and there’s another one on each channel. While the master isolator is quite steep and raw, the character of the channel isolator is more soft and smooth. You can totally release your creativity with the combination of those two isolators and it’s big fun to mess around with these knobs – believe us!
The RDM20 has two balanced outputs (House XLR, Booth Jack), as well as a separate steady recording output (cinch). The power supply unit is built in, no extra mains adapter needed. Analog VU-meters are indicating the level of the master.

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